Alert Level 3

Alert Level 3 Plan


  • Students of essential workers and workers in safe businesses who cannot find any alternative care for their children.

  • Students who cannot access online or distance learning provided by either the school or government.

  • For planning purposes, parents must complete this form before their child can attend school.

Social distancing and bubbles

Bubbles of no more than ten students and two teachers based on the following guidelines:

  • Students and teachers must observe 1m distancing at all times while inside and 2m outside.

  • Bubbles will consist of all family members remaining within the same bubble not by year levels.

  • Bubbles are not to come together at any time.

  • Each bubble will be allocated a learning space, start and end of day times, and break times.

  • No group work is permitted within any bubble.


  • Wearing of masks by students at school is highly recommended but not mandatory.

  • Staff are strongly encouraged to wear a mask at all times.

School start and end times

    • Students in each bubble will have a time at which they can arrive at school and be collected. The times will be determined once the school knows which students will be attending school.

    • On arrival students will assemble in the hall in their bubble. Once all students have arrived, the teacher will take them to their learning space.

    • At the end of the day, the teacher will bring students to the hall in their bubble to be collected.

    • Parents or driver of the car will not be able to get out of their car other than to buckle their child in.

    • Only the students in their bubble, the teacher of that bubble, and the principal are allowed at the school gate.

    • There will be no facility for late drop-offs or early pick-ups.

Transport to and from school

  • Due to safety being compromised, students won’t be able to ride the school bus unless there is no other option for the student to get to and from school.

  • Should a student need to travel to and from by bus, the bus arrival and departure times will govern the drop off and pick up of the other students in the bubble.

Student Illness

  • Any student who is unwell must remain at home.

  • Any student who becomes unwell at school must be collected within as short a timeframe as possible. Therefore, parents must be able to be contacted and able to leave work immediately to collect their child.

  • The bubble teacher is responsible for administering first-aid to the students in their care.

  • If the illness could be Covid-19 symptomatic the parent must let principal asap. The Principal will advise MOH/ARPH.

  • Any student with any form of respiratory illness or condition must remain at home.

  • If a student vomits in the bubble’s learning space, the students and teacher in the bubble will relocate into the next available learning space. The caretaker will clean up the vomit and the cleaners will be informed so a deep clean of that space can be carried out at the end of the day. The student’s parents will be immediately contacted and the student isolated until picked up.

  • If a student has a faecal accident, the child shall shower in the admin accessible toilet. They will be given a black plastic bag to place their soiled clothes in and given a change of clothes from the second-hand uniform supply. The student’s parents will be immediately contacted and the student isolated until picked up.

Level 3 attendance register

  • Each bubble teacher will complete a paper roll for the students in their bubble.

  • The principal will mark the attendance register for students present at school with a P.

  • Teachers providing online learning will continue to mark the roll F for those students who are learning from home.

Location of classes

  • Depending on numbers, classes will be located in the Digital Technology room and learning spaces for Blake and Taylor. These spaces allow for tables students can work at and toilet facilities located nearby so students do not have to share toilets with another bubble.

  • No resources or equipment within the learning space are allowed to be used.

  • Student bags are to be kept alongside the student in the learning space.

Ventilation of classrooms

    • All classrooms will be ventilated to keep the space below 18 degrees celsius.


  • Break times will be staggered to ensure no bubbles mix.

  • Length and time of breaks will be determined once the number of students needing to be at school is known.

  • No sports gear or playground equipment can be used during break times.

  • There will be no tree-climbing allowed during break times.

  • Students will have a designated place where they are to sit and eat. If they have siblings at school, they will be able to sit with their siblings.

  • Students will need to bring their own drink bottle to school. The bubble teacher will refill the bottle during the day as needed. No drinking fountain taps will be able to used.

Toilet use

  • Toilets available for student use are at the back of the 1926 block toilets for students in Digital Technology room. Should a second bubble be required it will be the downstairs toilets for students in Blake learning space.

  • Teachers must monitor only one student at a time using the toilet.

  • Student must be reminded to wash hands properly after using the toilet and sanitising their hands as they come back into the learning space.

  • After each child has used the toilet, the caretaker will clean the toilet.


  • The students are to continue their online programme without being online for the hui ā-ataata. The supervising teacher will take the student through this.

  • The supervising teacher will respond to student questions and if necessary, refer back to the student’s normal teacher for clarity.

  • Bubble teachers will have supplementary activities and learning opportunities for students within their bubble.

Online programmes

  • Online programmes will continue to be delivered by teachers not at school.

  • As necessary, teachers not at school will have to pick up students of those teachers at school as it will not be possible for teachers at school to continue delivering an online learning programme.


  • Depending on the number of students attending school, school devices will be made available to each student.

  • If need be, students may be asked to bring their device to school if there are not enough devices for all students attending school.

  • Student devices will need to remain at school for the entire duration.

  • The device must be an iPad/Chromebook size.

  • All devices will be cleaned prior to and at the end of school.

  • No student is allowed to use another student’s device.


  • No school resources are to be used.

  • Students are to bring the resources they need for the day in their bag and must remain either in their bag or on the table they will be working at.

  • Under no circumstances can sharing of student resources be permitted.

  • Each learning space will have the tv reinstalled with its Google Chrome for sharing work, online materials with the students in that bubble.

Learning at School Alert Level 3

At Alert Level 3, you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement. As the Prime Minister noted, the Delta strain is different and under the revised Ministry of Health guidelines, schools are essentially closed at Alert Level 3 with the exception of those few children whose parents and carers must leave their home to work, and there is no appropriate alternative caregiver arrangements.

If you have an appropriate caregiver available within your home, or are not required to leave your home to work, the school has the right to deny your request to send your child(ren) to school during Level 3.

To ensure the school has the correct planning and systems in place for returning to school under Alert Level 3, this form must be completed before your child(ren) can attend school.

Each child must be listed separately and information is required for all parents/caregivers living in the home.