Learning will look different ...

To meet the needs of all our students, Te Hihi will operate a hybrid system of Face to Face (F2F) learning and Learning at Home (L@H). To reassure parents, whilst we will have some teachers working from home the majority of staff will be on site to ensure we can safely operate and care for your tamariki.

Essentially, students whose surnames begin with letters from A-L will attend F2F school on Monday and Tuesday and continue with L@H on Wednesday and Thursday.

Students whose surnames begin with letters from M-Z will attend F2F school on Wednesday and Thursday and continue with L@H on Monday and Tuesday.

There will be some adjustments to this to cater for students in blended families to ensure siblings living in the same home will attend on the same day. The school will communicate with parents in such circumstances.

If students arrive on the wrong day the school will contact the parents to come and collect them.

Students who have been attending bubble school will be able to continue to attend bubble school every day. It is important to remember that bubble school is only for students who don't have someone to care for them while they are learning at home. The bubble students will not be able to intermingle with their classmates on the days their classmates are at school.

Students whose parents do not want to send them back to school will be provided with a L@H programme following the same theme as what is being covered in the F2F programme.

On Fridays, the students in the Bubble Class will attend school while all other students will be at home. All students will continue with the Friday options programme which will have more added to it. Each Friday at 1:30 pm the school will hold a virtual assembly.

There will be times during the day when students need a book to read. We encourage students to bring their own book from home that is familiar to them that they can read independently, even if that is looking a the pictures.

Students' bags must be kept under their chair in the classroom.

Hillary & Blake

F2F Teacher:

Kate Gregan

L@H Teachers:

Rosalin Prangley, Georgia Kane, Rachel Southon


F2F Teacher:

Di Whitehead

L@H Teachers:

Kostijn van Ingen & Marena Campbell

Te Kanawa

F2F Teacher:

Charlotte Stoppard


Samuel Kim & Rebecca Remington


F2F Teacher:

Whaea Deb


Whaea Gina

Bubble Class


David Curtin

Cover Teacher:

Delene Jamieson


On the days students attend face to face (F2F) school the programme will be a mix of activities to promote well-being and completing hands-on tasks to support the learning they will be doing at home under the guidance of the Learning at Home (L@H) teacher.

During break times, the L@H teacher will be covering the students while the F2F teacher has morning tea/lunch.


After last year’s lockdown we noticed students had become accustomed to grazing frequently during the day. The daily programme has been designed with three, 20-minute breaks to allow students to snack and to take into account that they will not be used to long periods of class time.

With the exception of the first and last part of the day, all students will have an hour of class between breaks. Teachers will monitor students levels of tiredness, especially in the junior classes, and if need be, build in a break towards the end of the day.

The adventure playgrounds are not able to be used by students at any time during the school day.

When classes are on breaks or learning outside, they must stay away from other classes and not intermingle.

The bells will not be operating for break times. Teachers will set alarms in their phones to alert them of their break times.


Whilst the school is working to provide each student with a device for their personal use, the school is unable to achieve this at this stage.

In the interim,

  • iPads and ChromeBooks are not to be shared and should be wiped before and after use.

  • Students with school devices must bring these to school for their personal use at school. Please ensure these are charged overnight prior to coming to school.

  • Students who have their own device are encouraged to bring this to school. Please ensure these are charged overnight prior to coming to school.

  • Students who don't have their own device or don't have borrowed a school device will be able to access a school device while at school.

  • Students who don't have a device at home as they don't have a stable internet connection will be provided with paper packs to work on at home. These will be given to the students who attend F2F classes and delivered to learners remaining at homedistributed

  • Students bringing a device are asked to bring headphones with them for when they are listening to something on their device.

For those students who have borrowed a school device and not used it, the device must be returned to school. Please send the device and charger to school with your child if they will be attending face to face classes. If they are not attending face to face classes, we ask that parents drop the device and charger to school.

Classrooms and use of materials:

  • Teachers and students have a shared responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom and materials.

  • The use of manipulative learning materials tools such as jigsaws, maths equipment, etc. should be kept to a minimum and only used when no other tools will suffice.

  • Children’s personal toys must stay at home.