Learning in


F2F: Face to Face Learning

At Red our school is open and students are encouraged to attend as we all know that face-to-face teaching and learning is the best format. Students will learn with their peers at school, in their learning space.

L@H: Learning at Home

In the first phase of Red, if a student or teacher returns a positive Covid test and was in the classroom while they were symptomatic, everyone in that class will be deemed to be a close contact and be required to isolate at home. In this case, the learning for this class will revert to distance learning. Learning material will be available either online or in hard pack. Where possible, the teachers will continue to deliver the learning they were going to cover off in class.

Please note, if a teacher is sick with Covid they will not be asked to provide a distance learning programme. In this situation we will do our utmost to have another staff member cover the distance learning programme.

RP: Relieving Programme

If both teachers are required to isolate as they are a close contact, the school will put another staff member(s) into the class to cover it. Our specialist teachers, Deb Solomon and David Curtin, part-time teachers or leadership team will cover the class in the first instance. We do have a couple of external relievers we can bring in but do not expect to have to use them. In this situation the learning programme in the classroom will be stand-alone in that the relieving teachers will do a programme completely separate to the normal class programme.

IS: Isolating Students

Should your child need to isolate at home, the teachers will provide learning for your child. Depending on when your child has to isolate will determine how linked this learning is to the classroom programme. Should your child need to isolate in the first two to three weeks of term, it will be harder for the teachers to relate the programme provided to your child is linked to the classroom programme. If your child has to isolate later in the term they will have a greater understanding of the concepts being covered in the classroom programme and the teachers will provide a programme reflecting this.

If the delivery mode that suits your child is a hard pack of learning materials parents may have to arrange collection and drop off of the hard pack should the school be facing staff shortages.

T@H: Teachers at Home

With our learning spaces being Modern Learning Environments (MLE) the school is well placed for the classroom programme to continue if one of the teachers in the space has to isolate. In the interests of ensuring the best education we can during this time the teachers have agreed that the isolating teacher will still be involved in the delivery of the classroom programme. What this looks like will depend on the teachers in the learning space. Rest assured, in the teacher's absence another staff member will be working in the classroom so that there are two teachers supervising the students and the programme.

S@H: Students staying at home as their parents don't wish them to return

We understand some parents will be nervous about sending their child back to school, and that is fine.

Work will be provided for students in this category by Deborah Solomon and David Curtin. Whilst ensuring the students in this category are still provided for, the teachers priority and focus must be with those who are physically at school. Therefore, these students will have a programme that is commensurate with their age and stage but will not be linked with the programme being delivered in the classroom.

Devices and Hard Packs of Learning Materials

Reflecting the boards commitment to ensure we provide the optimum learning for your tamariki the board has approved $20,000 in expenditure for the school to purchase enough Chromebooks to enable each student from Year 3 to have their own dedicated device. This Chromebook will go home with your child each day so they can continue to learn online should they be unable to attend school.

All students in Years 5-8 will be issued with a device in the first week of the year. Students in Years 3&4 will be issued their device once the new devices arrive in school which we expect to be in Week 2. Along with the device your child will be issued with a bag to protect the device from lunch scraps and wet togs and towel. Prior to the device and bag being issued, a form will come home detailing the expectations the school has around caring for the device. This must be signed by the student and parents, and returned to school before the device is issued. All devices issued by school are the property of school and the school can control them remotely. Should a student breach the acceptable use expectations, their device will be disabled until they have had a discussion about their use of the device with Kevin Bush or Delene Jamieson.

The schools preferred mode of distance learning is online as it enables the teachers to provide daily feedback and for your child to have a programme closely aligned to the classroom programme. However, we understand that for some whānau | families online learning is too difficult for a variety of reasons. Where this is the case, the school is able to provide hard packs of learning materials. Staff will be contacting parents before the end of January to understand how many students need a hard pack should they need to learn from home.