Sir Peter Blake

Named after Sir Peter Blake, NZ's greatest sailor

Rosalin Prangley

Rachel Southon

Learning From Home 27 Sep - 01 Oct

Kia ora Blake Whanau,

We hope that you all had a great weekend. We are looking forward to learning together this week (Monday 13-9-2021). You can join our Google Classroom, or Mrs. Prangley can email out activities for you to do. If you cannot join us, then we have created a list below that gives you some ideas to help you learn and have fun with your family.

We are happy to answer any questions and help you along the way. will help you to reach Whaea Rachel and Mrs. Prangley.

We hope that you are remembering to smile each day and be kind to everyone.

Kind regards Rosalin Prangley and Rachel Southon

Blake - Hillary learning space

Monday 27-9-2021

  • Reading - book with activities

  • Maths - Number activities

    • Jack Hartmann youtube clips on Google Slides and own counting activities

  • Phonics - Activity -

    • Phonics youtube clips on Google Slides and own alphabet activities

  • Writing Task

Tuesday 28-9-2021

  • Writing Task

  • Maths - Number - Knowledge, Skip counting in 5’s

  • Maths - Measurement

  • Audiobooks

Wednesday 29-9-2021

  • Reading - book with activities

  • Writing activity

  • Maths: Number

  • Phonics - Google slides and their own alphabet

Thursday 30-9-2021

  • Writing activity

  • Maths - number and measurement

  • Phonics - Activity

Friday 01-10-2021

  • Reading - Audiobooks

  • Writing activity

  • IB and Art activity