Friends of Te Hihi School (FOTHS)


FOTHS is a voluntary parent group with its purpose being:

  • To support the home-school partnership by encouraging parents/caregivers to be involved in school activities and the education of their children.

  • To provide a link between parents/caregivers and the school.

  • To raise funds to provide improved facilities and educational opportunities for our school community.

  • To support the school to build and maintain links within the local community and share knowledge and resources i.e. with Ngāti Tamaoho

Any parent/caregiver, teacher or interested adult connected to the school may become a member of FOTHS.

FOTHS meets approximately every month in the school staffroom at 7:30 p.m.

The major focus for FOTHS is organising our annual Ag Day.

Meet the team

Co-Chair - Amie Best & David Riches

Secretary - Natasha Rivai

Treasurer - Sarah Riches

Ag Day Coordinator - Jamie Minchin


Meeting Minutes

February 22 Meeting