Sir Richard Taylor

Named after Sir Richard Taylor, a former Te Hihi School student.

Marena Campbell

Di Whitehead

Kostijn van Ingen

Learning from Home 18 Oct - 22 Oct

Dear Taylor Whānau

We hope you have all had a well deserved break from online learning and have had a lovely two weeks holiday.

This term we welcome Mr Kostijn van Ingen to Taylor (working alongside Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Campbell). He will be known as Mr V.

Our meeting times remain the same as last term. Mrs Whitehead will run her hui from 9:00am-9:30am, Mr V will run his hui from 10:00am-10:30am and Mrs Campbell will run her hui from 11:15am-11:45am Monday - Thursday (excluding Friday).

The codes are all lower case without spaces: mrswhitehead (9am), mrv (10am) and mrscampbell (11:15am).

Our learning this week will have a focus on our inquiry unit for term 4 - 'water.' For our literacy we are excited to be learning about the Manakau Harbour. Our Maths will be Algebra.

Each day we will post the work assigned at 8:00am and discuss this in our hui. It is expected that once students complete the work that they hand it in on google classroom so that the teachers can give feedback and return the work back to the student.

In addition to completing inquiry, literacy and mathematics, students will have maths and reading activities assigned to their Studyladder and PM Reader accounts. Students are also asked to complete one prototec maths activity each day. It is encouraged that students read for 20 minutes each day as well, using our online platforms such as epic and E-Platform (wheelers), PM Readers or from books they have at home. The students can also complete work on matific.

No learning tasks will be assigned on Friday, students can use this time to catch up on any incomplete tasks from the week. Each Friday we will have throughout the school an 'Option Friday' where there will be a variety of activities that your child can choose from for their workshops for the day. These are options provided by our very talented teaching team. More information about this will come out later in the week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at taylor@tehihi.school.nz as all teachers will get your email.

Take Care,

Marena Campbell, Di Whitehead and Kostijn van Ingen

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