Rehu Tai Oral Language Festival

This year our Rehu Tai Oral Language Festival will be held at class level approximately on September 1. The four different categories the students can pick from are:

  • Spoken word poetry: (3 minutes/no cue cards/microphone allowed)

  • Rap: (3 minutes/no cue cards/backing beat track is allowed/microphone allowed)

  • Flash talk presentation: (3 minutes/ microphone allowed/no cue cards/12 slides - 15 sec each/visual images only/students talks to presentation

  • Speech: (3 minutes/cue cards allowed/no microphone)


The theme is strategically broad to allow for interpretation and creativity - this allows for artistic interpretation and lends itself to either direct or inferred meanings - as deep and philosophical or as literal as students want to go. The aim is to be inclusive of all learners regardless of their ability and should be accessible by all cultures. All presentations must be aligned with the theme.

Below is a list of the some of the potential topics the we came up with in class to give you an idea of how the theme could be interpreted. It does not need to be all serious; humour is entertaining and helps the audience to relate.


  1. the state of being diverse; variety.

  2. the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders and different needs etc.

Potential topics:

  • My differences can be an advantage

  • We moved to NZ and got a culture shock

  • My cousins from Italy have some strange habits…

  • Females in my family

  • I’m different but also the same

  • My family are different to yours

  • I tried to be a vegetarian/vegan

  • Being tall / being short

  • Celebrations in our family

  • Do you prefer variety or routine?

  • I’m allergic to…

Below are the rubrics which the judges at finalist levels will be using. We will also use these to guide our judging.

For more information please refer to the Rehu Tai website -