Rolling over into

Kia ora parents

Well, here we go again. Having enjoyed a holiday break largely free of Covid and enjoying the freedoms that we had, we are now faced with school in Red of the Covid Protection Framework (CPF)

Being in Red of the CPF is different to where we ended school last year. Last year we were in Alert Level 3 and school was 'sort of ' open. Under Red, school is open and the government's aim is for schools to remain open, to go back to face to face teaching for the good of children's learning and their well being.

Over the past two weeks the school staff have been planning for the following variety of learning scenarios:

  • F2F: Face to face, students and teachers are physically on site and learning

  • L@H: Learning at Home for when the whole class and teachers have to isolate at home due to an active case being present in the class

  • RP: Relievers Programme for when students are on site but their teacher(s) have to isolate.

  • IS: Isolating students when a student has to isolate as they are a close contact.

  • T@H: Teacher at home as they have to isolate but the other teacher can continue F@F learning.

  • S@H: Students who are staying at home as their parents don’t wish for them to return

Each one of these scenarios requires different planning and these are outlined in more detail on the Learning tab within this section.

There are other changes to how we will operate this year compared to last year and we ask that you make yourself aware of these by reading all of the pages in this section of the website. Please keep referring back to these pages as we expect the situation to evolve as time goes on and we will be updating these pages as we navigate our way through.

As always, our focus as a school is what happens inside our gates. We aren't able to control how people travel to or from school, or what students and their families do outside of school, however, we will be ensuring everyone adheres to the rules inside our school at all times.

The staff will be strictly following these guidelines. We are aware that within your home situation you may be more relaxed about following the Health guidelines, unfortunately, at school we don't have that flexibility.